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WTFing stands for the times when you are confused about a situation and become angered by it and outwardly show your anger by throwing a fit
Sam and Holly were WTFing why the german final had so many things that they didn't understand

by Holly_S January 21, 2007
When someone does something so absolutely stupid or ridiculous that you just have to ask them What The Fuck they are doing.
If I saw her doing something that stupid, I'd have no problem WTF'ing her.
by MadlyDeeplyTruly June 13, 2009
moving up and down from side to side pointlessly looking up with a retarded face after wining an argumant
dude why are you wtfing because i just fucked your face up
by bananawhore March 28, 2014
when you are too tired to function.. like waking up on monday and going to work,school,weddings, w/e
also can be used as wtfed
Jeff- dude i totally wtfed through that meeting
Ernest- i was wtfing through church today
by Racoonhat September 15, 2008