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wtf usally stands for "what fuck" but it cna also be used for the 5 w's why/where/when/who/what the fuck
Girl=="Im going up to the mall-izzle"
friend=="WTF is your problem"
by Kris-Kris June 10, 2005
14 16
WHERE'S THE FOOD? Something a male says to his mother,girlfriend or sister when he's really hungry and feels like being an asshole for fun and demands what he wants.
boyfriend: come on bitch! I've been waiting five fucking minutes and my sandwich still isn't done! WTF?

girlfriend: if your gonna cuss at me come make your own damn sandwich you piece of shit!
by firecrackergurl January 06, 2012
1 4
What The Freak- a censored alternative to the explative What the fuck version.
Dude I need $80!

W.T.F. do you need it for?!
by Merlin C. June 01, 2011
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wtf stands for Where's the Fudge?

Sources: I asked my Grandma what wtf was because someone said that to me on msn and she kindly replied "Wheres the Fudge?"
Grandma wtf? Are you hiding it again? I hope its not mouldy
by GrandmasBoy123 March 19, 2011
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wtf- where's the fun.
Example 1:
Dude: there was an insane party last night and you didn't go!!?
Guy: ahhh man, wtf!!!!
Example 2:

Urbandictionary: wtf?
by saxtron January 01, 2011
2 5
Why the face??
a: wtf?

b: stop being such a bitch, I'm just crying!
by candygirl499 November 13, 2010
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welcome to facebook.
oh! you finally got one, wtf!
by k8lyn. November 09, 2010
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