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Awesome without the vowels, usually used in sentences completely lacking vowels at all.
Novas is the most wsm poster.

Mcs r th bst cmptrs n th wrld
by cmgfender March 24, 2008
Acronym: Woman Seeking Man
In the personal ads in almost any given city, there are fewer listings for Man Seeking Man (MSM) than there are for Man Seeking Woman (MSW) or Woman Seeking Man (WSM).
by ElMe July 07, 2006
West Side Merrick; A Gang Located In Queens, New York
You down with wsm?
Nah fuck that.
by OG BUBBLES DONT FRONT June 28, 2009
A gang full of idiots from the west side...worse than the dirty south. They really do need to grow some balls. Have no sense of whats going around them, and just have to post random crap on the boards to get their asses flamed...
I must have been high on crack when I joined WSM
by WSM ass. April 11, 2005
Weber Smokey Mountain
Dude, I'm cookin' tri-tips on the WSM tonight
by Motorhead August 10, 2008
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