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An abrupt, interruptive, correction to someone who believes they are 100% right about a subject, or course of events.

(Must be followed with the actual Truth.)

(Works best when you point and say it loudly in the middle of their sentence.)
Excited woman says: "I just bought this Louie Vuitton bag for $20! What a deal! I cant believe that I ..... " "WRONGO! ITS A FAKE!"... said by a truthful male while pointing.
by fictitous name July 03, 2009
wrong, not right
That is so WRONGO!
by Aaron W. December 11, 2002
A lighter meaning of wrong used amongst good friends to express distaste or your fellow's wrongdoing.

Example of its usage (thx Alice!): Your bff busts an eye watering fart and you respond by laughing and saying... 'dude...wrong-o!'
by Lady Lynxx April 15, 2008
1.When you are more wrong then possibly immaginative.
"A:You look like an antalope after having a seizure.
B:Wrongo "
by Haroldo April 11, 2007
wrongo is luisa's new favorite word. shut your damn mouth patrick.
you are WRONGO! I made this word up all my myself.
by Luisa March 19, 2004