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Frenzal Rhomb is the wickedest band ever from australia. they started off as jay, lex, karl and ben but now they are jay, tom, lindsay and gordy, they fucking rock and i talk to lindsay and tom quite often.
What does friends of ron mean?
No... frenzal rhomb.
by Luisa September 04, 2004
blink 182 is a synthetic pop band. they wear skater clothes and have make up put on them for photo shoots. they are popstars.
blink 182, rocked the house last night.
you're incorrect, they popped, the house last night
by Luisa September 04, 2004
wrongo is luisa's new favorite word. shut your damn mouth patrick.
you are WRONGO! I made this word up all my myself.
by Luisa March 19, 2004

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