1.a word said after something you diaagree with
2. a word said after a sexual comment that the other person was thinking the same thing but wont say it
3. no
4. incorrect, often times said right before a girl brakes up with a guy
1. "Madona is cool" "No you're wrong"
2. "DO it already" "That's wrong (thinking: I wish...)"
3. "Will yo go out with me?" "Wrong!"
4. "WHATS WRONG WITH YOU!" "nothin'" "WRONG! *slap* "
by Short Stuf (again) July 27, 2004
shut the fuck up u stupid piece of shit
guy-u like dem hairy dicks?
by chaka August 03, 2003
modern day version of bad. Something that goes above and beyond the realm of greatness.
Lebron James had the sickest crossover and dunk. Oh my, it was so wrong they musta showed it on Sportscenter 100 times.

This girl at the club had the nicest applebottom, dawg her body was too wrong, I ain't never seen a girl that fine in my life.
by kakarot23 February 05, 2004
a good word to yell out when someone has incorrectly answered a question
by bobb February 05, 2003
something so good that it surpasses being right!

"it's wrong...but its SO RIGHT! ;) :)"
by anon September 12, 2003
word used when jeff is around
*reffering to maths exam*

wronggg, wronggg, wronggg....
by hahayewyewyew August 26, 2008
kayla, a young misunderstood girl
God damn kayla is wrong!
by jojohn October 25, 2007

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