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The main city in the Lower Silesia county
Wroclaw is one of the main cities of Poland
by cocodrilo February 06, 2010
One of the biggest and most beautiful cities of Poland, located in its south-western part. It has a very long history, lots of great architecure and beautiful parks. Apparently most of non-Polish people have never heard of it.
- So you're from Poland, which part exactly?
- I'm from Wrocław.
- Brosuav? Where is it?
- *sigh*
by chaosister December 02, 2009
To 'Wroclaw' or to have 'the Wroclaw' is a term for having an unbelievably damaged respiratory system caused by excess drinking and/or smoking.
"Aw hey man, are you okay? You sound like you're quite ill?"
"Nah bro, I have the Wroclaw."
by Wroclaw Sufferer February 28, 2014

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