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The life-absorbing surface you are looking at right now (unless your kid printed this out for you). Modern day substitute for life, love and the universe, often confused with reality.
"Step away from the wrecktangle..."
by little-miss can't do wrong January 03, 2008
23 10
(noun) A love triangle that has expanded into a confusing mess of drama and issues, which now resembles a retarded shape with too many sides to pronounce.
Having weekly threesomes with Kate and Larry was bad enough, but when Mikey added his new girlfriend to the love triangle, it turned into one giant wrecktangle.
by Squice-alicious October 16, 2010
3 2
an increasingly popular hairstyle among women when their hair is a 'wreck' in the front an a 'tangle' in the back
Her hair is in a perfect wrecktangle!!
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