The first air unit able to attack used by the Terran race in Starcraft. It looks like an fighter plane or jet. Many people mass Wraiths and try to destroy other peoples Main mineral and gas supply on fastest maps. They also have the ability to cloak.
Johnny: Dam those Wraiths just took out my main.
Steven: Pwned.
by -=[DeTeRMiNaTioN]=- July 31, 2009
Top Definition
A once living person, who is made undead without passing through death. A wraith is the only form of undead not made so through animation (the process of giving lifelike qualities to the recently dead).
"They are ringwraiths, neither living nor dead..."
Aragorn - Lord of the Rings, Fellowship of the Rign
by Retroactivism June 19, 2004
An alien life form in Stargate which prey on human life forms. They evolved from an ancient insect and from humans. They are much stronger than individual humans. One of the chief enemies of the Ancients and of all modern day human type species.
The Wraith came both through the Stargate and in a Hive Ship to feed on the prisoners on an island.
An alien craft in Halo. Similiar to a human tank. It fires a single blast, and has a short burst feature.
Dude, I totally got splattered by that wraith.
by Joshua Zombie December 16, 2005
A woman with a thin, tight body and (usually) blonde hair who looks young and attractive from behind, but the fact that she is a wrinkly, fifty year old smoker becomes painfully apparent when she is viewed from the front. Witnessing such a sight often robs men of their erections and/or souls.
I saw a Wraith at Walmart today. Now I have irreversible erectile dysfunction.
by flashadams November 23, 2010
A ghost, spectre or spook. A silent shadowy form usually associated with a biting or freezing cold.
The wraith came silently and took the lives of everyone within sight.
by Young Jedi April 28, 2005
1.) Shell of a human.
2.) One that shows up unannounced, consumes all of your food, beer, and such other items, and then leaves without many contribution.
3.) One who is a snitch or a rat.
4.) Loser/Low-life
Synonyms: bum, free loader, hobo, vagabond, etc.
Adjective, noun, verb
1.) "That's wraith!" (meaning you counted yourself in without asking)
2.) "Quit being wraithish.." (meaning to be like a wraith)
3.) "Wraith up" (meaning when you and your friends decide to go and partake of someone else's supply instead of your own.)
4.) "Wraithettes" (female version of wraiths)
by Matthew Henington April 10, 2007
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