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a combination of the words fagot and homo
Jon you fago pass that motha fuckin blunt.
by shawwty im the man May 19, 2008
See fag , gay .
Another insult for the repetitively used word "gay" or "fag". Fago sounds funnier and it doesnt nessesarily mean homosexual.
-"jooooo stoooopid fago."
by Teh Dave July 13, 2003
a slang word used by moorheadians to descried people from fargo. pronounced FAG-O.
Person: holy shit, dude that girl looks easy.
Me: well no shit shes from fago!
by hi.i'mkt November 07, 2007
Abbreviation of the word faggit or faggot, meaning homosexual or gay. For example:

07:38 <@_XIII> hai Quicktime`
07:38 <%Quicktime`> ;p
07:38 <%Quicktime`> fago

This term/insult is often used in the unknowncheats / uc-forum IRC channel and is usually used by Quicktime.
For example:

07:38 <@_XIII> hai Quicktime`
07:38 <%Quicktime`> ;p
07:38 <%Quicktime`> fago
by magicf July 02, 2009
Someone that is being a complete poohead. Therefore i call them a fago which stands for faggot but you take off the T because it sounds better.
Nathan is a fago because he punched me.
by Alex , Nathan, Matt October 11, 2006
Military lingo for Fun And Games Officer.
Andy, you are such a FAGO!
by Fruit Loop November 10, 2007