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Any deceased creature which has been animated through supernatural means to take on the semblance of life, without truly being alive. Only the wraith varies from this definition as it need not pass though death to become undead.
skeletons, zombies, mummies, vampires, wraiths.
by Retroactivism June 19, 2004
A once living person, who is made undead without passing through death. A wraith is the only form of undead not made so through animation (the process of giving lifelike qualities to the recently dead).
"They are ringwraiths, neither living nor dead..."
Aragorn - Lord of the Rings, Fellowship of the Rign
by Retroactivism June 19, 2004
A branch of black majik which involves:
- communing with the spirits of the dead
- animating the dead to resemble their once living selves.
"C'mon find me a talker..."
- Hellboy
by Retroactivism June 19, 2004
To be deceased yet exhibit qualities of life. Animated creature are often referred to as undead yet need not necessarily be so.
A necromancer animated zombies and skeletons, but only after being schooling the correct art of shoveling.
by Retroactivism June 19, 2004

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