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Acronym for willing, ready and able (sexually, also: rwa)
Just the other day i met that girl who being so wra, that the only question was "your place or mine?"
by krassalex March 18, 2006
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Work-Related- Absence: When you're talking to someone on AIM or FB chat and all of a sudden they disappear without warning. You hope it's just because they are at work and not because of what you said.
"I was talking to John the other day and my boss came strolling by, so I had to pull a WRA. But, I called him later to tell him that his joke about the flight attendant and the seal didn't offend me at at, it was actually pretty effin' hilarious."
by Noël Valentine March 08, 2010
wra is what you say when you are a spork
<sp0rk> WRA!
by bob November 17, 2003
the cry of a spork
by anonimnyus November 26, 2003

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