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another name for your broken xbox 360, that crapped out on you after only three months!!!

also see sexbox
i had to send my gaybox in because that shit broke after only 3 months!!!
by Dian ergh November 28, 2007
When a human being displays tendencies similar to how a box with pictures of an interracial man on man orgy would (if it was granted life via gypsy tears, or covered in semen and struck by lightning)
"Is Lamont gyrating his tally whacker whilst gazing longingly into the horizon? What a Gay Box!"
by Gord Mclitteman December 09, 2011
an insult. can be used in almost any situation. most often used to describe someone exhibiting homosexual behaviour in a derrogatory way.
bob: hi jimmy
jim: hey, you're looking hot today
bob: you gaybox!


bob: what are you doing this weekend?
jim: going to gay pride
bob: you gaybox!


bob: can i have a slice of your pizza?
jim: fuck off gaybox! get your own!
by bobbybobby123 October 23, 2007

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