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wax on, wax off. if you are a ninties kid you know what that means
Dude chill, remember: wowo.
by boomininmyroom April 12, 2007
It's similar to wow but with that little extra oooooooo.
WOWO, that concert made me crap pants with happiness.
by Chris Edens August 03, 2006
Nigerian Slag for "UGLY".
That girl is wowo. Damn!
by Yetunde223 May 15, 2010
Pidgin english for an ugly person/thing.(same as the British slang- minger)
Men that gyal wowo pass Taye Taiwo
by tj hill February 18, 2008
An ambulance, fire truck, police car, or other emergency vehicle equipped with sirens and flashing lights. Derived from the siren sounds, onomatopoeia.
I hear a wo-wo coming!
by Guy Weldo May 12, 2004
lil red creature from garmandi
happy time starts with lil red wowo
by shockboogieninja July 25, 2004
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