A cut so deep it renders the opposed unable to banter back – or back banter. – basically they have been done in, totally merc’d. In times of delusion many think they have ‘wounded’ or even been ‘wounded’ themselves. Only documented ‘wound’ involved a monkey and a koala.

Ey la I’ve been wounded. Shall I tell her? Best not
Why did the first Koala fall out of the tree?
It was dead.
Why did the monkey fall out of the tree?
It was playing follow the leader.

no plaster for that monkey boi - wounded
by wounder August 25, 2009
to consume a large quantity of alcohol and be completly and utterly intoxicated to the point of blindness.
man i was sooo wounded last night or im gettin wounde tonight!!!
by pezznezz June 02, 2006
Drunk, single, usually unattractive girls still at the bar near closing time that are easy to get because they are in a weakened state.
"Hey, lets swing by Acapulco's before 2 and look for some wounded!"
by tstain January 20, 2006
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