it is bad than worse but not badder than worstest
Jas: tht is worser
IGV: worser is not a word
Jas: yea it is worser is better to use than badder rite?
IGV: ...
by jasj June 13, 2007
Top Definition
Worser then worse
The bitch was worser then the other one
by SAV Gurl October 12, 2003
when an uneducated guinea tries to say something is more worse
the roads are worser by me!
by dincn525 December 21, 2008
Word used instead of Worse, in a more meaningful way...
This food is worser than the other one.
by Suhei93 November 03, 2009
becoming the most serious or unpleasant thing that could happen.
Everytime I play poker with Saurabh I get worser and worser.
by Mr Cub July 03, 2012
Meaning in a more negitive state than was previously thought. This verbage is reserved for short, balding men with a neurological twitch and rheumatoid/rigamortis hands that makes written communication just as difficult as spoken.
My hand cramps are worser today than yesterday. I'll probably shatter a pen if I try to write anything.
by the mailman January 17, 2006
When something is better than good.
"Bro that gig was awesome."

"Hard bro. It was worser"
by Albion14 September 03, 2010
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