World of warcraft is a good game but is very dangerous to your life. A game that will consume your life to no end. It will also, take away your family, and everything that you used to love in your life. You would rather stay at home sat,urday night raiding BlackWing Lair then go out with, your friends to smoke a bowl and get drunk as hell.

DON'T EVER BUY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

World of Warcraft is a very addicting game. It has the shaman class, the paladin class, the hunter class and the rogue class+much more.
Hey Jimmy, You commin' to ted's party 2nite? He got a hold of some of the best weed around. We're totally gonna get baked as hell.

Naw, I gotta help my guild down C'thun tonight on World of Warcraft, It's our first try tonight.

Fuck you man ever since you got that game It's been consuming your life, I fucking hate you and also, Ashley told me to tell you she dumped you becuase you blew her off and you were supposed to have hawt sex with her.

Oh well, I met this new chick on WoW, she probably isn't hawt but OMG she has a hunter with 5/8 Dragon stalkers and 3/8 Giant stalkers with both twin blades of hakkari with double +15 to agi enchants and Rhok'Delar.

I don't understand a fucking word you say now'a'days, get off your fucking lazy ass and come party with us.
by ownzer man July 03, 2006
A place where people with no lives pretend to have one.
I'm going to go play 'life'(world of warcraft)!
by xmrselfdestructt February 06, 2007
An enormous black hole of time, money, and effort that sucks in everytyhing it can,
but at the center of that black hole there's a giant rave party that everyone wants to go to.
-You know, I'd totally play World of Warcraft if it weren't so expensive.
-You wouldn't know til you've been there, you'll never leave.
by Nikandros, 76 Dwarf Hunter March 09, 2009
A computer game with over 9 million players world wide. It's just a fuckin game and anyone who calls WoW players nerds is a wanker.

Some people get addicted, some don't.
You know you play World of Warcraft too much when you eat at the same time as your character
by mr.twister January 07, 2009
A very popular MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) created by Blizzard Entertainment. Set in the same fictional universe as the company's 3 previous "WarCraft" games, the game follows a traditional MMORPG structure of level-based advancement, as well as encouraging in-game social interaction to accomplish team goals.

The game worlds are separated by "servers", which are typically in reference to the computer server clusters that make up each game world. These are systems maintained by Blizzard Entertainment and are partially paid for by the player monthly subscription fee.

Starting at level 1, the game is designed to quickly provide players with a set of small goals, thus familiarizing themselves with the game world. These goals, or "quests", are typically tasks provided by computer-generated "NPCs" or "Non-Player Characters" and typically involve fighting and defeating other NPC antagonists or collecting and delivering certain items. Through this progression players obtain new abilities and equipment, eventually teaming up with others to fight and defeat increasingly difficult encounters.

The World of Warcraft game environment also allows players to engage and combat other players from the opposing "team" under certain rules and controlled circumstances depending on the type of ruleset the game server is running. This is referred to as "PVP" (Player Versus Player). There are currently 4 different types of game rulesets:

1) PVE: Player-Versus-Environment. PVP combat is purely consentual, requiring a player to either duel, enable pvp by typing in a command, or enter a pvp enabled battleground.

2) PVP: Player Versus Player. PVP combat is enabled in all but the starting areas of the game.

3) RP: Role-Playing. Ruleset is identical to PVE, but players are encouraged to "Role-play" their character, ideally removing modern and out-of-game references from in-game interaction.

4) RP-PVP: Role-Playing, Player Versus Player. Ruleset is identical to PVP, but with the same RP encouragement as an RP Environment.

Resources: ;
"I used to play Ultima Online, EverQuest, and even Dark Age of Camelot... but I ended up sticking with World of Warcraft for the longest time simply because there's so much to do!"
by T Anon August 08, 2006
(n.) World of Warcraft (also known as WoW)
A Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG)(MuhMORPuhGah).

It was created by Blizzard Entertainment. In this game you play as a fictional character in an online fantasy universe where players compete to do quests and hang out with other players.

WoW players often stick together and speak a strange language that can only be understood by other WoW players.

The game derives its fun from the fact that it is a somewhat psycological game where the players set goals and compete against one another trying to be better than everyone else to get a sense of accomplishment.

It is not truely fun though it only gives the illusion of fun, kindof like drugs. WoW should be avoided at all costs. It is an addiction that is hard to break.

Seriously stay away from this game. Signs of the WoW infection:
1)Your soul was consumed by a demon from hell.
2)People do not understand you when you talk.
3)You have no personal hygiene
4)You have no friends/relationships outside of the internet
5)You have a dysfunctional family life all of a sudden
6)You're physically weaker and have no stamina.
7)You lose a set amount of money monthly

If you have these symptoms than you have probably wasted a good part of your life pretending to be someone else on an online game also known as WoW. Also you are totally FUCKED!
WoW Player: I am going to play World of Warcraft.

Uninfected: OMG! No! Don't play that you'll have your soul sucked out and you will be nothing, but an empty shell of a human with no emotions.

WoW Player: Thanks, you saved several wasted years of my life thanks!
by Orange And Blue February 02, 2009
The world explored from the warcraft series. One of the best games that will ever come to pass and grants all the graces of God. It kicks all other MMORpg's ass including, Dark Age of Camelot(Game sucks) and Everquest (Sucks also.)
I heard Jesus has the highest character on World of Warcraft
by God September 18, 2004
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