that guy is a dumb ass because majority of his list are rockers and rappers. please put on your thinking cap next time you post something. you get an automatic strike after that one
by Pinky P October 12, 2003
I would have to agree with that guy. Id also throw in britney spears, avril shit face, and all those other much music pop princesses
by Malice September 01, 2003
pink, blink 182, and Britney spears are rappers/rockers?! you're the dumbass......
1) Britney Spears
2) Hilary Duff
3) Avril shit-face
4) Lil Bow wow...whatever
5) Lil' Kim *Cough* whore
6) Blink 182
7) Good Charlotte
8) Simple Plan
9) all those other rappers
by Sorsha December 18, 2003
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