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An overexposed rich bitch, who is only famous because
a) she sleeps w/ half the famous men, is super slutty and an whore
b) she made a sex tape and pretended to be remorseful and shocked
c) her great grandaddy owns the hilton hotel chain
what i wonder is why everyone is so insane over the sex tape thing...she is ugly!
1) A ugly slut comes walking down the street..."there's paris hilton!"
2) She pretended to be angry that her ex spilled the beans on her sex life? Paris Hilton lives again!
3) She is paris hiltoning if she is gonna spend $500 on a pair of shoes
by Sorsha December 21, 2003
pink, blink 182, and Britney spears are rappers/rockers?! you're the dumbass......
1) Britney Spears
2) Hilary Duff
3) Avril shit-face
4) Lil Bow wow...whatever
5) Lil' Kim *Cough* whore
6) Blink 182
7) Good Charlotte
8) Simple Plan
9) all those other rappers
by Sorsha December 18, 2003
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