a messed up circle where a bunch of crazy kids live. people from marz jupiter venus ect. like to call these crazy kids humans.
"so, where do you live?"
"i live in that circle looking thing, we name that fucked up place the world"
"oh dear"
by addon October 04, 2009
place to be.
"Welcome to the world of tomorrow"

-- I.C. Wiener
by Chombonaut January 31, 2003
Means awesome, sick, bomb, just overall the best.
"Theres no way theyll lose- their frickin world."
by ah.na.uh February 14, 2011
america. (as in united states of america)
world series.
by jimmy xxx September 12, 2008
Adjective used to describe a noun. Comparable to "really" and "very". This word is reserved for the ULTIMATE emphasis.
"That band we saw last night was world awesome"
"I havnt eaten in 10 years, I am world hungry"
by David Lightning November 23, 2006
see Wal-Mart.

I would leave this definition at that, but apparently I cannot. That sucks.

Um, yah, we live in it.
You can buy a bunch of cheap shit at Wal-Mart that was made by abused, underpaid, and helpless Chinese children. Wee, let's go!
by BoB April 23, 2005
James Edward Kelleher
James just jumped over a car and joey says "YOUR WORLD?!?!!?!?". Then we all stare with amazement
by Valerie February 09, 2005

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