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noun: a mustache that is grown to an excessive length because you don't have any free time to shave that sucker off due to a large amount of stress, obligations, or work.
Alton: Dude, what's that cat doing on your face?
Brian: Chill yo, that's my workstache!

Brian: Oh my gosh, I'm so stressed out! I have so much work to do and not enough time to do it! At least afterwards I'll be more like Chuck Norris.
Alton: Dude, your workstache is gunna be awesome. I wish I had one!
Brian: Nah man, you're not capable of growing one of these babies, you sleep too much for that!
Alton: Aw shucks! I'm SO jealous!
by Harri Upper Lip November 09, 2010

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