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A thing that is so sucky that it requires paying money for it to be done. If it were easy then someone wouldn't be paying us to do it!
I had to work today. I have to work tommorrow, but alas I am not alone and understand that I'm being paid because my boss is too much of a pussy to do my job for me!
by DrMullet February 17, 2004
Powder cocaine. It is called work because cooking it into crack is the closest thing black people do to actual work.
"In here cooking dope, whipping up the work" - Gucci Mane, Block Party
by 2Lighterz December 22, 2011
What you should be doing right now.
- Hey, Ted's throwing a keg tonight !
- I can't come, I have this shitty homework...
- Whatever.
- Should I bring something ?
by twippi April 26, 2010
A chant, cry for affection and admiration, used in the LGBT community.

A roar of power saluting others.

To be Sasha Fierce.
"Work Bitch!"

"Yeeeeeeeeeeessssssssss! Work!!!!!!"

Omg Beyonce new video on..Woorrk! Bitch yesssss!!

by wavylays March 21, 2009
Refering to crack cocaine
I don't owe her any money, she smoked up all my work.
by Sandy Orfanos September 21, 2005
crack cocaine, rocks, chedder, cheez, sherm
I got dat hard white work
by Wonka November 17, 2004
The most prominent term for a needle on the urban streets of Philly. It is used for injecting heroin and other drugs.
The editors at urban dictionary are so out of touch with real urban slang that they don't know a work is used to mainline diesel.

On Christopher Columbus Day I wake up to fix my work with sambuca, mainline a shot, then down a black bitch cause it's sambuca day, ya bish.

The urban dictionary editors should mix a speedball of that soft white girl with some diesel from the "old potato chip factory" in the badlands and drawl it up in their work, get really fuckin turned up, and get the fuck out of their air conditioned offices, so they can find out what the " urban" words people use really are.
by Phmns51 October 17, 2013
Slang term used by younger generations in place of slacking, doing nothing, or anything else but actual work..
Her work isn't exactly cutting it! Work?! What do you mean?? She hasn't done a thing.
by JJberra October 17, 2012