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to solve a problem

when a man wanks because he is aroused and can't get his bonor down.

to sort out a relationship thats not going very well
"yes ive finally worked it out"

"sorry i'm late sir, I saw a hot girl and I had to work it out"

"i'll have to work it out with stacy, she wasn't happy when I felt her boob in the library"

by jammed February 14, 2007
28 39
To show the world exactly why you have arrived. To put your blood, sweat, and tears on the floor- whether it be a dance floor, or catwalk. Hopefully it'll be feirce, hopefully it'll be perfect, and if not, that opportunity may have been your last.
Tyra: "Work It Out"!
Model: But my feet hurt
Tyra: Oh well, I guess it's back to the ghetto for you.
by Dance on Air February 20, 2006
81 30