A call for the Blood gang ususally followed by SUH WOOP
What up Blood? Woop-woop, suh wooooooop!
by skrudge January 11, 2008
Woop Woop!, is a feeling of joy and can often exclaim ones amazment. A general happy exclamation.
Woop Woop! I won! Thats Amazing, Woop Woop!!
by RebelPenelopy September 07, 2008
A place a long distance from an 'urban' centre.

Typically used to describe Outback Australia.
A: I'm gonna be moving soon - new job.
B: Oh yeah? Where'ya goin'?
A: Small place, out woop-woop. Money's good, though.
by LordDeathKill May 09, 2007
Used in Python programming circles to avoid saying "underscore".
__init__ is pronounced "woop woop init".
by Rijel April 13, 2012
An internet term popularized by, *Tony Huynh,meaning excitement,and or,the feeling of accomplishment,FTW

n00b 1:I just killed my first orc!!!

mom of n00b:woopwoop
by LOLZER828 January 18, 2009
this shows a feeling of extreme excitement!!!
yo g, im excited for bassline woop woop woop
by bekki and clare March 05, 2008
the act of and insult not hitting its mark because of the intence stupidity of the intended victim. usually used in conjunction with a movement of the open palm over the head twice.
hey, i just said to that fag "i pumped yo mumma all night long!"
he was like "my mummy sez im the coolest kid in school!"
wow, it really went woop-woop over that guys head.
by Bernard P June 22, 2007

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