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A indirect and undefined dominance term used in the computer gaming world. Loosely, the word is utilised to describe one individuals sexual attraction to another while still conveying a message of superiority. Use of this term is highly indicative of latent homosexuality.
I have always wooned you.
by Lennie Brisco November 07, 2005
Another word for "ownage , owned " . It's a new word for when you are pvping or you did something really uber hard .

And if you wanna be really hardcore player please you word "Lego penis " as well .

()()====|-|> - lego penis
You got WOONED . Beat my WOONINATION .
I'm WOONEDNESS . There is no place like WOONAGE LAND .

Your lego penis just grow for few more bricks , congratulations .
by legopenisgoesbrickmode March 08, 2009
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