Someone who's from/lives in Skelton.
Unless you are a chav, you will not normally find this a compliment, as Skelton is generally associated with chavs, etc.

can also be used for loftus. home of the inbreds.
"orr that joe's a right woolyback."

"mate, seriously, you're definitely a woolyback."
by babeee ;) March 05, 2007
Top Definition
A wool is short for the Liverpool term Wooly Back which is a derogatory expression for people from lancashire and cheshire, originating from the early 1900's when the population of lancashire used to wear a form of sheepskin coat and was considered to be a sheep shagger by scousers.

This of course has not changed much, except the lancashire and cheshire fashion sense has got worse
a Liverpool football song from the 70's

There's a wooly over there
baggy kecks and feathered hair
with a 3 star jumper half way up his back
thats a f8cking wooly back
by Tommy w October 05, 2005
Someone who lives near, but NOT in, Liverpool.
He's not a scouser, he's a wooly back.
by definition April 04, 2005
A person born in the town St. Helens, in the North West of England. This word can be used as an insult as well as an identification.
"I'm a woolyback, me!"
"Shut it, ya fuckin' woolyback!"
by Hedj February 10, 2005
Refers to someone living or originating from the following, surrounding places of Liverpool;
-St Helens

These towns surround the outskirts of Liverpool, like Speke or Prescot for example. And it is found that many wools are 'plastic/plazzy scousers' and they put on fake scouse accents.
Wool; 'Haha annorr, was so funneh, orrrr ma godd'
Scouser; 'Ha, a-know larrr, funny as f*ck weren't it our kid'

- Woolybacks tend to drag out the vowel sound.

*Desperate Scousewives - JAIDEN is the biggest 'wool' so pay attention to his awful accent*
by JimmyCorkhillisfurious November 29, 2011
labour drafted into Liverpool Docks during the dockers strike, usualy came from smaller towns outside the city. They had to carry the woollen bales on their backs because they did not have the correct equipment for unloading ships.

It is generaly considered a form of insult by people from liverpool although most dont know what it means or where it comes from
"im a fucktard scouser, i dunno wat it means but your a fukin woolyback"
by RageATM May 08, 2009
Uneducated scousers have a tendancy to call anyone outside of Liverpool a wool or wooly back.

Educated scousers understand that the term derives from textile production during the 19th century in Lancashire, more specifically St.Helens folk.
Ah he`s a fuckun wool lid!
Fuckun scruffy wooly back twats!
by wool dog February 05, 2011
A person from a borough surrounding Liverpool such as Sefton, Knowsley, Runcorn and St Helens.
Someone not from Liverpool is a woolyback.
by jibby1 March 22, 2013

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