A person that retreats to the woods to be alone. A person who is difficult to get in touch with or is out of touch with reality. A wook is someone that enters into a state of psychedelic expansion and deep contemplation.
a present day hippie might be a wook
by RudeYaksAndNeandrathals July 18, 2008
To be screwed/in trouble
Ohh dude you're wooked
by tom November 23, 2003
1. A term used to express a heightened sence of anxiousness.
Wook man here we go again! Get that mother fucker!
by C-Nasty April 18, 2006
as in Han Solo's buddy.
by poster nut bag August 14, 2003
An extremely hairy person, such that (most likely) he now appears like a wookie from Kashyyk, often mistaken for one.
Man, look at that brother... he's got so much hair, he IS the wook...
by Draith March 29, 2005
Instead of i'd fuck, wook is used between freinds to say just that.
without being victim to the 'evil eye' a girl can give u.
ayyo, look at her.....i'd wook!
by phantom March 06, 2005
Made from the pelts of preferably young Wookies from their native world of Kashyyk. Their hair contains hallucinogenic and euphoric properties. Highly addictive and causes massive loss of bowel movements, thus expelling all expellable bodily fluids.
Lets have a wook before we go.
by Viper 1 December 15, 2004

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