Bastardness on monstorous levels. Being the Yoda of bastardness.
When you killed that dudes mother and slept with his girlfriend that was just wooks of you.
by The Wookie October 20, 2003
Tour kids who associate themselves the "band", Wookiefoot. Individuals in this tribe can be defined by their patchwork tails, unkempt hair, annoyingly positive and unrealistic perspective on everything all of the time, and excessive hugging. Wooks are commonly found annoying the shit out of people that are trying to party and watch music without being lectured at by a spun 18 year old with a tail.
If that wook doesn't stop talking I'm going shove those glow sticks up his ass.
by titty crumpleman July 26, 2010
Noun, Adj. A person, or thing that is fake, unattractive, or off-brand. Someone that is fake, cocky and cant back it up, a hot head, and just down right ugly. Something that is false branded and priced cheaper then the original brand product.
"Man that girl is so wook!"
"That dude thinks he is hott stuff, to bad he is ugly and cant pull any ladys, WOOK!"

Bro: "I was going so hard in the gym today!"
Me: "Really?"
Bro: "Yea dude i was pumping so hard and bench pressing like 400"
Me: "I sall you struggling to lift 225 with a spotter, your WOOK!"

"Those fake nikes are wook."
"Sweet Wook's, everyone will know there fake jordans."
"That polo is wook."

"Thats one thirsty wook."

Bro: "Dude shes so hot!"
Me: "Naw bro she wooker than miley cyrus's new hair cut."
by FijiTTechTruthTella February 23, 2013
A name taken from the majestic and ferocious Spotted Wook. This fearsome yet lovable creature is thought to have existed in the Cretaceous period, it was an egg laying mammal, not unlike the misunderstood Platypus it probably shared an ancestral similarity with. It is theorised this pack animal although solitary in nature lives from a diet of fruits that it along with the clutch of other Woki would track down. As a collective these intelligent creatures would also feast on the meat of predators that it would lure into an ambush (elaboration needed). Furthermore it is speculated that it has an unhealthy obsession with processed cheese. This furry omnivore was named for the mating call it is presumed to make by some of the brightest scientific minds looking into it.
The xeno-zoologist in our science department referred to the bones we brought back from our dig in Southern-Botswana as that of a Wook. The Woki eggs in the hatching will make a great addition to the clutch we have raised so far. The extinction of the Wook is a serious matter.
by Damato May 13, 2011
a kid who fears none and likes to jog...jogga jogga jogga
"aw man wooks got to the chips again"
by Kid C March 24, 2003
A person that retreats to the woods to be alone. A person who is difficult to get in touch with or is out of touch with reality. A wook is someone that enters into a state of psychedelic expansion and deep contemplation.
a present day hippie might be a wook
by RudeYaksAndNeandrathals July 18, 2008
To be screwed/in trouble
Ohh dude you're wooked
by tom November 23, 2003

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