a person with extremely fizzy and puffed out hair.Often a girl with long brown hair and who is lacking layers.
Daniella ur a woogie look at ur hair!
by lolol February 02, 2005
A maladjusted house cat.

Evolved from booger, used as an affectionate insult.
The woogie knocked over his water bowl again.
by Mick November 11, 2004
The act of placing ones thumb inside a male or females asshole and wiggling it around whilst making the sound "WOOGIE!!!" Performed first and invented by a good friend who travelled to alberta, you know who you are!
Man, I woogied that chick good, she never knew what was coming!
by Pan4 March 15, 2004
Also known as a Woo.
Goo and Woo have a little Boo.
by Eugina February 08, 2004
Junk food. Usually sweet, but also refers to junk food, any meal that you order simply with a number, or any food that is likely to raise your blood sugar and cholesterol when eaten in large quantities, resulting in woogamortis (the act of sitting in a reclined and vegetative state with a significantly lowered IQ, a slowed speech pattern, and a slowed reflex time).
What do you want to eat for lunch? I don't know...let's just get some woogie.
by J. Hanley January 05, 2004
This is a corporate game that has been played in Vodafone uk since 1997 involving a 'Woogie Meister' and hiders in a darkened machine room.
by El Spocko September 14, 2003
Weed smoking Flist
Aight Woogie, whats your beef/
by Danny June 19, 2003

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