an underground term used in the USMC for a slutty woman marine, or a woman marine who is filthy
"hey devil dog, i have a date tonight with anna."
"wait anna from the supply room? anna the woogie?"
"yes siirrr."
"you are disgusting man."
by pogtastic October 25, 2011
I saw her woogie.
by force3956 July 21, 2009
This is a corporate game that has been played in Vodafone uk since 1997 involving a 'Woogie Meister' and hiders in a darkened machine room.
by El Spocko September 14, 2003
To die a horrible sniping death means you were woogied.

Me and my buddy was in a fox hole back in WWII when all of a sudden his head explodes. It turns out a sniper woogied him from atop a hill.
by TWG February 09, 2003
to refrain or hesitate from completing something in a situation which is either awkward and/or undesirable to remain involved in, to "chicken out" or step down from an offer at the last moment.
" hey, are you gonna take a hit or not man?"
"nah dude, i may just have to woogie it"
by mountainman2393 January 24, 2009
Dancing with a tranny in a nightclub
"Man did you see Pat doing the woogie on Saturday night!"
by Slugger111 March 26, 2008
a person with extremely fizzy and puffed out hair.Often a girl with long brown hair and who is lacking layers.
Daniella ur a woogie look at ur hair!
by lolol February 02, 2005

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