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A term used by locals referring to the Taco Bell located on 18 East 14th Street in Greenwich Village/Union Square New York. It's called the cafeteria due to the nature of the people who frequent this location (junkies, transients, weirdos from Union Square park), and also because of it's size. You can also do pretty much anything here, sleep, lounge and even maybe eat the food.
Is there a fast food place close by?

yo, right down the way..there's a cafeteria.

A cafeteria?

Yeah they also call it Taco Bell.
by pogtastic October 26, 2011
an underground term used in the USMC for a slutty woman marine, or a woman marine who is filthy
"hey devil dog, i have a date tonight with anna."
"wait anna from the supply room? anna the woogie?"
"yes siirrr."
"you are disgusting man."
by pogtastic October 25, 2011

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