freakishly obsessed and bitchy with someone one of the same sex
dude what the fuck!! you guys are gettin a little woofy on me?!?
by Freddyboy!! March 03, 2008
Asserting oneself as dominant, superior, or otherwise better than the other.
Yo cracka - you gettin' WOOFY wit me?!
by Phil McCracken January 24, 2005
The 31337 mofo from the underworld; one who has come back in the form of a most awesome wolf. He plays games like Quake III, Half-Life, Counter-Strike, and Starcraft.
The name of a person who is l337 in all aspects, one who has a stable logical mind. It is one who is sophisticated, and understanding.
woofy, you h4x man don't try to hide it.
by millies June 20, 2003
miniaturized garden gnomes
You know, the lil woofy, out there by the tomato plant?
by Shelby and Jordan January 12, 2007
One bad ass Counter Strike and Strategist. He is capable of designing and strategizing the best of maps. His cunningness and brightness are his strengths. While not pwning at the videogames, he is smiting people as 'Zeus' or making people feel completely inconsiderate
W u f e O: You insubordinant crack-sniffling dung-eating penis wrinkle of an idiot.
W u f e O: No. You think I care?
W u f e O: You think you can even think
W u f e O: Cause I don't think you can think.
W u f e O: Cause you are incapable of thinking.
W u f e O: You know what that means, don't ya?
by Woofy March 24, 2004

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