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a vagina with balls, it can be used like other genetals in a sentence
Suck my Wompus
by miliante November 03, 2009
the most hideous creature ever. Usually preying on the weak and inebriated individual with beer goggles on. You can find one at your local pub and usually around 7am in the morning wandering the streets looking for one last "kill" before day break.
Man 1: What happened to Joe?
Man 2: I think that wompus got him.
Man 1: OH SHIT!

Woman: "Hey baby. Do you come here often?"
Man: "Get out of my face, WOMPUS!"
by Eric Franz January 15, 2007
Someone who is very large and blob like.
That walrus over there is very wompus
by Nathan Painmaster Matthews April 12, 2009
Usually applied to females, a derogatory term for people who cling to others in hopes of entering a relationship with them.

A wompus may text, call, email, or facebook stalk her prey excessively. Beware her power.
"Dude, did that girl call you back yet?"
"Yeah. About fifty times. She's a wompus. I can't deal."
by Lane Grey January 13, 2009
is a giant girl who has the body and self perception of a large man bear. Assumes dude roles like: 1) being down with the dudes at all hours of the day 2) burping real gross and out loud while eating tons of gas station food with her dude friends 3) smoking a cigarette while taking a shit 4) Making up or using dude words like Wickedage and Ape Shit...etc. Scale-wise, the average female is as tall as a Wompus waist. The Wompus often feels she is by far cooler than all other girls including those of her own species, but knows she will lose any fight to a girl half her size.
Girl: You are a Wompus!
Wompus: If you got beef let's fuckin' grill it, man.

Voicemail (mind you this is at all hours of the day including the morning): What's Up, Man. You've reached (insert Wompus name) I can't hear my phone because I'm at a show.

synonyms: yeti man bear planet of the apes huge morbidly obese

antonyms: average girl, petite, fine
by Cherokee Thunderbat April 05, 2009
Someone who bums everything...Something like a free-loader but takes it to the extremes on a daily basis. Tries to tag-along with people they barely know, just to hit the blunt. Constantly asking for change or looking to obtain something for free.
Man 1: hey dude, got a cig i could bum?
Man 2: No dude, I dont have a fucking cigarette you Wompus!!
by Sketch Ball December 26, 2010
1. To be different, awkward, or off.
2. Something that is needlessly asymmetrical.

3. Skater lingo for something that is overly amazing or awesome.
John: See those stairs?
Mike: Yeah, they are all over the place!
John: They sure are wompus.
Mike: If you did a trick off of them, it would be wompus!
by mantabu July 18, 2011

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