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When I was growing up it was de rigueur for any testosterone overloaded black or arty heterosexual male to have a womb broom, for titillating the clits of their chosen lovers, and for fondling and stroking, as if in deep thought. I suspect that some did neither.
As related by his aunt thirty-one years after his uncle and aunt were married, to my son, who was about to get married, about his uncle's state standing at the altar: "Your uncle had this stiff long hair - she didn't say, womb broom - growing under his lower lip, and he was so nervous, as we stood at the altar, it was quivering," and, with a wry expression, she wiggled her extended fingers, and I interjected, "Like an anglerfish, attempting to attract some prey."
by Pa formerly known as Dad October 23, 2007
23 28
A particularly thick, wiry moustache.
That bitch gave him crabs in his womb broom!
by Apathetic Care Bear January 29, 2005
66 37
small, vertical strip of hair in middle of chin
my man's womb broom gave me a rash, so I Naired it in his sleep
by dana university January 21, 2004
64 41
A man's mustache.
Tug's womb broom always tickles my fancy when he's down south.
by regsixer September 08, 2011
24 9
a mustache
I ate my girlfriend out and cleaned her uterus with my womb broom!
by JAMESDMITRI August 18, 2010
21 11
small tuft of facial hair grown under the bottom lip. see also soul patch
the ladies love my womb broom
by captnphunky June 13, 2007
22 25
The male sexual organ when used to in/out a pussy which is suspected of a enduring long inactive spell.
"I swept out that old bitches cobwebs with my womb broom", said Joe
by Wardy December 05, 2004
23 43