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Gives a whole new meaning to, "...Party in the rear."
When you cut your hair into a mullet, peopla say that you want, "business in the front and a party in the rear."
by Karl March 15, 2004

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karl mellan
jesus! karl mellan has one fuckin mullet! do you feed that thing?
by shane March 23, 2004
That woman with a mullet is the most pathetic thing i have ever seen
by UISjackolope January 29, 2003
Robyn Fowler
Gee Robyn Fowler is a woman, well kinda is and she has a mullet
by Mr Swarve June 09, 2004
well... thats kinda self explanitory
Hey man! did you see that woman with a mullet drive by", let's get a picture of it and send it in an email to every one i know.
by E. Diggidy October 27, 2002