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to give one extreme hickeys, resulting in unnecessary severe bruising.
hey did you see jess and stephen at the party?
yeah, he totally wolverined her!!
by lalalalalala4e23432 May 06, 2010
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After having awesome sex with your lady while on her period, you finish and while covered in her menstrual blood you jump in the shower and wash it away imagining as if your Wolverine healing from some awful wound/s from battle.
Me: Man i had awesome sex with my lady last night while she was at her heaviest on her period!

Paul: Hmmm... Sounds messy...

Me: Yeah its ok cause i just wolverined afterwards!

Paul: Thats AWESOME!
by StuntmanJames January 18, 2011
"the act of getting ones asshole tickled" You cant wolverine can get wolverined, but thats as far as that goes.
ive been wolverined once again. she wolverined me.
by sallly g March 29, 2011

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