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An unshaven anus, usually belonging to a woman.
'70's porn was so gross; all the women had wolfholes.
by Wolfhole November 28, 2006
An extremely hairy anus; commonly used as a insult
1. I heard that slutty tuba player has a wolfhole.
2. Wow, that girl looks worse than a wolfhole.
by Wolf Hole November 30, 2006
A new "glass screen", used in glass smoking apparatuses, developed using multiple hollow tubes to obtain a "multi holed" pipe as opposed to a pipe in which air flows through only one chamber. Currently most commonly found on Wolfhole bats "onies". Originating in Fort Wayne Indiana. Nothing Smokes like a Wolfhole
Excuse me sir, do you happen to have any Wolf hole Bats?
by Wolfhole tech November 08, 2011
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