I think that the original definition, as told to me many moons ago, is having sex with a goose, then slamming it's neck in a drawer to produce body spasms which will, alledgedly, increase sexual stimulation.

Who needs stimulation when you're 'taters deep in a goose?
Person1: I was wolfbagging a goose the other day.
Person2: You delightfully old-school pervert, you.
by Deacon Gusset April 04, 2006
When two people enjoy anal sex, however immeatiatly before climaxing the 'giver' thrusts his or hers (provided she's wearing a strap-on) fingers in the 'recievers' throat stimulating the anal sphincer to tighen around the penis (or strap-on).
Saagita loves to get wolfbanged by Mrs. Patel (she's a wild one...just ask Raza).
by Chuman March 28, 2005
Putting a Wolf in a bag
I'm going wolf bagging tonight
by StarkX June 04, 2010
Wolfbagging is the act of venturing into a forest (or other wolf stamping grounds) with a sack in an effort to steal one.

After said act of stealing a wolf has been excecuted, a tranquiliser dart is inserted into the wolf and is subsequently raped.
Wolfbagging gets my testicles wet.
by Ivonin September 28, 2005
the act of having sex with a wolf in a large bag!
i bet colin is a fucking wolf bagger the sic fuck!
by GrumpyTramp July 03, 2004
To shag a bird from behind and then put your fingers down her throat so that she spews thereford tightens making it tighter down below and more exciting for the giver
bird spewing during sex hence the word wolfbagging
by bettyblowjob October 28, 2006
When engaging in anal in the doogy position the man, on the point of ejaculation, batters the woman in the kidneys as hard as possible. This results in spontaneous vomiting by the man/woman taking said beating. This results in a far tighter orgasm. Apparently
by Codpiece March 28, 2005

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