Wolf Tickets-

Popularized by Tom Waits in the song "Troubles Braids"

- Tom Waits (1988): "Another one I like is wolf tickets, which means bad news, as in someone who is bad news or generally insubordinate. In a sentence, you'd say, "Don't fuck with me, I'm passing out wolf tickets." Think it's either Baltimore Negro or turn-of-the-century railroad use." (Source: "Tom Waits 20 questions". Playboy magazine)

Tom Waits is one smooth wordsmith.

Also def 2
A Free Pass to a Lou Angelwolf Comedy Show.
If you have a WOLF Ticket it means you met Lou Angelwolf in person and he gave you a guest pass to one of his comedy shows.
On the outskirts of the rowdy crowd was a drunken biker passing out WOLF TICKETS to the passing college boys.
used to designate one's awareness that an untruth has been told
Sarah Palin: "Nancy Pelosi wants 'Death Panels.'"
Keith Olbermani: "I'm calling Wolf Ticket on that!"

Obviously this is much more politically and socially sensitive than saying, "She's a liar!" or "She's full of c***!" or "What BS!"
by imlmo September 13, 2009
A story, often dropped in casual conversation, to scare the fuck out of anyone listening, so as they don't try to fuck with you.
Bitch you don't know how many other bitches I done choked when I was in the joint./ Is dat so? How I know you aint sellin no wolf tickets bitch?
by tor February 13, 2004

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