The phrase "wolf ticket" is the result of a misunderstood African-American slang expression for the practice of verbal intimidation, "sellin' woof tickets," that was incorrectly transposed by whites. Over time, the corrupted nomenclature has become accepted terminology.

"Woofing," or "woofin'," like "signifyin'" and "talkin' trash," is part of the African-American oral tradition. The term is derived from the onomatopoeic expression of the sound of, for instance, a junkyard dog barking to ward off potential intruders.

"Sellin' woof tickets" is engaging in threatening or intimidating verbal aggression, usually without the intent of actually doing physical harm. In West African and African-American cultures, verbal sparring and physical displays traditionally were employed as proxies for physical violence to preserve life and maintain peace and order. Woofin' also can be a means of "calling someone out," of challenging an opponent to a verbal or physical match.

See also "playing the dozens."

A wolf ticket is also a counterfeit ticket or bogus entry pass to an event, like a rock concert or an athletic contest, sold by a scalper.

(My wording from Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia.)
"Man, Butterball's on the corner sellin' woof tickets. Let's go watch!"
by deeceevoice September 14, 2004
Top Definition
1)To speak aggressively to someone without intending to back it up with violence.
2)to do a favor which is redeemable by a favor.
1)"He's selling wolf tickets", meaning he's barking but not going to bite.
2)"i'm calling in all my wolf tickets to get this guy", meaning all people who owe will help me out.
by x March 12, 2004
To speak aggressively to someone without intending to back it up with violence.
"He's selling wolf tickets", meaning he's barking but not going to bite.
by x July 23, 2003
To tell a story or claim that is inherently false and has no chance of occurring. Stems from the boy who cried wolf, thus leading to wolf tickets being sold by the boy.

This was initially used by a friend from Petaluma, CA.
They claimed to be on the VIP list but everyone knew they were selling wolf tickets.

Stop selling wolf tickets.
by John Campbelll March 23, 2007
To try and sell a lie either to yourself or others.
"Look at Miguel talkin' about how he's going to get that new Mustang. That fool's broke! Man, he is always sellin' wolf tickets."
by The Real Def May 17, 2009
To "cry wolf", as in the children's story "The Boy Who Cried Wolf", meaning to persistently raise the alarm about a non-existent threat, with the implication that the person who cried wolf would not be taken seriously should a real emergency take place, which causes them trouble should ever have a legitimate need.
"I've never known him to sell wolf tickets; I believe his story about being attacked by ninjas."
by weirdoactor November 28, 2006
An excuse for why you can't go after being invited somewhere.
Yo I invited Jerry to the Concert but he gave me a wolf ticket
by NewBeeDemon August 01, 2009

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