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Love at Second Sight-
Is an emotion stirred by memories of love gone by.
Re-uniting with and old friend or sweetheart.
Perhaps a youthful romance that never blossomed but remained a sweet mystery for many years.
Then as the Universe moves you see that person again,
then the beauty of the current day and the wonderful memories of the past turn to LOVE.
She found him on Facebook, a sweet old friend,they emailed a few times and deceided to have lunch together,when their eyes met after many years it was LOVE AT SECOND SIGHT.
the amplified speech of a drunken girl.
Six beers and that girl breaks her volume knob.
Wolf Tickets-

Popularized by Tom Waits in the song "Troubles Braids"

- Tom Waits (1988): "Another one I like is wolf tickets, which means bad news, as in someone who is bad news or generally insubordinate. In a sentence, you'd say, "Don't fuck with me, I'm passing out wolf tickets." Think it's either Baltimore Negro or turn-of-the-century railroad use." (Source: "Tom Waits 20 questions". Playboy magazine)

Tom Waits is one smooth wordsmith.

Also def 2
A Free Pass to a Lou Angelwolf Comedy Show.
If you have a WOLF Ticket it means you met Lou Angelwolf in person and he gave you a guest pass to one of his comedy shows.
On the outskirts of the rowdy crowd was a drunken biker passing out WOLF TICKETS to the passing college boys.
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