white girl that only goes with black men
yo you crazy assed trailor trash wogsocket!
by foo June 22, 2003
Top Definition
A female who only allows black men to to have sexual activity with her.
'wow look at that hot girl over there'
'dont even bother son, your not black and she's a total wog socket'
A white women shagging a black man!
<man>I hate those Wog Sockets
<man1> I know, they should stick to their own colour
by Nik Canning August 09, 2003
A larger lady with a defanate fat behind, between 17 and 30 that go to clubs looking for a big black penis to take home. Mainly used in essex, england.
That wog socket's realy chasing it tonight.
by Dannyfrom Basildon February 05, 2008
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