One who consistantly Wobbles 24/7 ! Usually accompanied by two huge quiffs. And Appears to have just got out of bed all day long. Has a wierd fasination about the welsh! Also always talks shit.
*Super pissed
*Mentally Unstable
* Mark Jones
by Roberto Rando August 24, 2004
Top Definition
when you get really drunk and you can't keep control of your head so it wobbles about like one of them churchill dog dolls!
gemma was that drunk once she cudnt hold her head up straight, so therfore she had wobble head
by Deano_1985 April 27, 2006
someone who listens to a lot of dubstep and filthstep. It is taken from the swaying movement your head makes when you listen to the heavy bass in dubstep. These people want the meanest drops, and the filthiest bass lines in their music.
Yeah, that guy is a total wobble head now. All he listens to is heavy dubstep.
by BlastoiseBassCannon June 14, 2011
1: A Wobbler

2: One who listens to excessive dubstep.
-"i wish that Wobble Head would turn down that damn racket! "

-"i agree! i dont get those wobble heads, dubstep isnt music! its just a bunch of noise!!"
by AudioAcid1990 June 12, 2011
a heroin addict as they are constantly bobbing their heads trying to stay conscious.
That wobble head better sit down before he falls down.
by badtz_maru_1983 May 17, 2009

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