Emma Paradises undercarridge
"Jesus that Emma Paradise is a bit baggy down stairs her mott is like a wizards sleeve!"
by Anonymous September 15, 2003
An asshole that is so stretched out from overuse that it looks like a baggy Wizard's sleeve.
Screech had a huge Wizard's Sleeve after 4 years of daily homosexual rapes at Bayside High school at the hands of A.D. Slater, Zack Morris, and Mr. Belding!
by Bolton September 11, 2006
a wizard's sleeve first involves anal fisting. once the arm is in, preferably elbow deep, grip whatever part of the intestines is at hand and yank the arm out firmly. with any luck the colon should follow giving the fister a wizard's sleeve.
chater wore beverly's wizard's sleeve with pride
by abingdon posse October 22, 2004
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