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The only place in the country where the youth can drink legally...
Under parental supervision.

Kids at a party with alcohol need at least a parent or legal guardian over the age of 21 with a valid drivers license, in the premises for the kids to drink alcohol.
Kid 1: Dude I'm drunk of my ass,

Kid 2: I wish I can drink, but I gotta be 21 or older

Kid 1: Dude! Move to Wisconsin, you just need a parent to be in the same room with you to drink!
by SininWiscon September 09, 2009
We have all four seasons, our summers are hot and our winters are cold. We have cities and country sides, and lots of fresh water. The people here work hard and drink harder. Beer is a form of currency and drank like water. We have the highest bar to person ratio in the nation and beer is served everywhere from family gatherings to church picnics. Wisconsin sells their beer in cases (30 beers) so if you walk into a party with a 6 pack of beer people will know you’re from Illinois, call you a FIB and tell you to get out. Our colleges pre-game harder than the rest of the nation parties. It’s called a bubbler here, not a drinking fountain. Our politicians do what is right, not popular, and we support them for that. We put cheese on everything and last but not least, we’re crazy about the Packers. GO! PACK! GO!
Welcome to Wisconsin. The land of beer, brats and cheese. We're just great people just looking to have a good time.
by Wisconsin's finest February 14, 2013
um.... Crazy Indians and hot guys...
this place is the fuckin' shit and yea...
the people rock....and you can go to the bars and get drunk w/ your parents..i would know i do it all the time!!!
"hey mom"
"let's go get fuckin' ripped"
"Fuckin A right"
we love fuckin' Wisconsin..
by hurleyhoe November 08, 2007
Best place to live ever.
UW is no.2 For beer drinking
no.1 For hard liquor.

-Said bye playboy magizne

And no.1 All around

Very real seasons. They hit hard, but its nice.
Party like its no one's business. which it isnt.
Cops are every where, But if you're a true wisconsinite. You wont get caught.
We dont all live on farms.
Home of the butter burger and Culvers.

Beer? we got it.

Liquor? we got it.
party's? duh.

Cheese? No shit it's wisconsin.
Snow? um yeah. A little too much.
Dickhead Scott Walker? yeah we got him. Wanna trade?
Second largest capitol building in America? FUCK YEAH
Awesome? isn't it obvious?
guy1: Lets go to wisconsin
guy2: why? all they do is go cow tippin
guy1: they have the best burgers, beer, and party's, we are going no question.
guy2: shit they must be amazing!
by WIisthebest February 02, 2012
A state that has a GOOD football team. 100x better than illinois Has Americas largest music festival. Smarter than the bastards down in illinois
Those bastards from illinois sure like to go to Wisconsin, fuck, nothing better to do, Illionis sucks!
by Adam March 27, 2005
The state in which everything is legal as long as you are an adult, or have an adult with you.
Person one: "I'm throwing a crazy-ass party tonight! Bring the booze!"
Person two: "But we could get arrested."
Person one: "Nah man, it's Wisconsin! Plus, my uncle Joe will be there to supervise."
Person two: "Well why didn't you say so?! Let's get wasted!"
by personfromwisco April 08, 2013
only the second best place in the world on the best of the best come from wisconsin
you gotta have bigg balls to be in a club and holla you from Port Edwards wisconsin
by Danny Sway May 27, 2005