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someone that is naive to the world because of their youth
all you dummies are a bunch of wippersnappers! get a job!
by another old man July 18, 2008
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1 : (n) One of the genus troyus, having 1337 socom skills and dark green prickly folliage. Easily distinguished as covered with papercuts and a general attraction towards appricots. Latin name: Troyus Boatia.

2 : (n) a fgt noob who plays FFXI when he should be playing SSX3 or Socom Socom XTREME 3some.
16:54 <Wippersnapper> Rhea fell from the old mans pants when he couldnt find the bathroom on time.
by sarie January 17, 2004
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A word old people call young men who can get it up easily without the help of a drug i.e. Viagra. They call them wippersnapper because they are jealous.
"Hey there young wippersnapper ya been sticking em in lately?"
"Yeah more often than you old Coozer"
by penisio September 11, 2016
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