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An extremley wealthy town on the North Shore in Illinois. Winnetka is known for it's beautiful houses, expensive cars, and gorgeous clothes and people. One of the richest towns in America.
"Who's that girl wearing designer clothing and getting into a Range Rover?"

"Oh, thats that girl from Winnetka!"
by jealousofher3541 November 26, 2006
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This is considered one of, if not the best, place to live. Everyone is amazing and most people smoke pot. Sheridan is a nice street. Probably the nicest because it's on the lake. The expectations are high and regular 3-level classes are considered very advanced in the rest of the US although they are thought as stupid classes here in the North Shore. There are some absolutely, make you want to cry, so beautiful girls such as Clave Curtler and Emirlee Durfang. They are the pride and joy of the North Shore, where Winnetka is located. Their eyes go deeper than the lake that they live on. Their hair is silkier than their Egyption cotton bed sheets and their skin is more polished and glowing than their BMWs. But not everyone in Winnetka is as fortunate, there are some girls such as Bessie Speculator who resemble those who eat hay and also there are people like Alessandra Eeguin who are more horse-like than cow-like like Bessie. Santa Claus favors Winnetka. Some... interesting... people are Hilda Pidgett, Beckinsale Shmittsworth, and Emerald Shorstal. They are Clave and Emirlee's biggest fans.
"Don't you wish you were like Clave or Emirlee in Winnetka?"
"All the boys are so sexxxxxxxy. too bad they all like Emirlee and Clave in Winnetka."
"Those yahts are so shiny that the sun has blinded me. It was good ol' rich Clave's. Here comes a bigger yaht! That must be Emirlee's 16th birthday present! OH BOY! it's almost as big as the iceboat that Ellford Creageh got for her 15th birthday! OH GIRL!"
by Caroline Tunstall December 01, 2006
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Town with a bunch of fags and douchebags that go to Loyola Academy. They are within like 25 minutes of Glenview which sucks cause Notre Dame kids live there.
Wow, Rigg is from Winnetka? I should've known from how big of a dbag he is!
by Griffin Rigg April 29, 2015
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