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A derogatory term for a person or object.
The equal but opposite of dingus

Commonly used at park view sixth form and often directed towards a stupid person
"Stop being a Wingus"
"Look at that wingus"
by Reg February 05, 2005
Part of the fictional incompetant duo "wingus and dingus".
I am Mr Wingus, and this is Mr Dingus.
by Ian Chode February 17, 2004
Lanzer, as told by GNN5, on the Moogle Mafia forums.
Lanzer is a wingus, while Ertyuio is a dingus
by Mini-Skirtus October 14, 2006
Established in Torrance, California. A group of friends that became family. They live by the mottos of "doing it for the children" & "go big or go home." None of them has pussyittis. Their interests include raving, camping, sleepovers, basketball, and lots of loitering. They set the standard of what a real squad should be like.
Wingu is best defined as, you better CTFD, Gahdamn 47
by RussHirata September 09, 2015
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