verb. A contraction of giggle and wince. For those moments when one's first reaction is to laugh, but the sobering truth overrides the momentary reaction of amusement.
I wingled at a recent facebook post that said "Halliburton: Using your taxes to rebuild the stuff your taxes paid to blow up."
by Roofette July 19, 2012
Top Definition
Silly directionless bouncy energy, often related to fridays, and too much caffeine. Best used for spinning around and around on your chair saying weeee! Also very good for annoying co workers.
I am so full of wingle today
by Leesa Morgan March 09, 2006
A contraction of wingman and mingle. When you need to mingle at an event, but can't handle doing it alone. You find a wingman or winglady and mingle as a pair.
Thanks for being the first person to talk to me at this event. Although you are boring, you make a good social crutch. Shall we wingle?
by gonesurfing October 31, 2014
Wingle is a word used to fill in any gaps within a sentence. Or Wingle can be used to spice up any sentence, it may not make sense but its the fact that Wingle kicks arse.
*I like to Wingle.
*Wingle'in good fun
*How the Wingle are you?
*I smell Wingle
*Shut your Wingle Hole
by Brad Fisher February 18, 2007
a mans pee pee spot; penis; cock
Mom: Katie stop running around!

Katie:Stop yelling at me or I will tell
grandma you were kissing Daddys wingle!!
by tHAt_GuH_Fli August 15, 2007
When the tip of a man's penis gets a tingling sensation causing him to pinch THE TIP instead of scratching it.
Abraham pinched his weenie and yelled " I got another Wingle"
by The Possie September 30, 2009
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