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The irrational fear of travelling virtually anywhere due to fear of locational germs, illnesses, parasites and dangers both real and exaggerated. Similar to agoraphobia in that sufferers limit the scope of their world, but more specific in that the nature of the perceived threat is directly related to any foreign location.
Watching the Amazon episode on "The Monster in Me" led to Will's increasing Geographobia.

"So do you think Laurie will go on the camping trip?"
"No, she won't even leave Scranton, she's so Geographobic."
by Roofette August 11, 2009
verb. A contraction of giggle and wince. For those moments when one's first reaction is to laugh, but the sobering truth overrides the momentary reaction of amusement.
I wingled at a recent facebook post that said "Halliburton: Using your taxes to rebuild the stuff your taxes paid to blow up."
by Roofette July 19, 2012

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